Precious Metal Dealer in Miami, Florida

Trading in precious metals and rare earth metals, Regency Trading USA Inc. in Miami, Florida, purchases metals from miners in South America. We sell these metals to buyers in the United States, Europe, and Asia. As a multilingual company, we interact directly with suppliers and are capable of promptly providing contracts. Customers benefit from our quick decision making and fast payments.

Honest & Dependable Rare Earth Metal Dealer

Backed by several years of experience in the metal industry, we work with the concept of high- velocity of capital. Because of the shortage in supply of minerals and natural resources, the demand is always higher than the supply. Most times we have our products sold wholesale before we purchase them.

Catering to alternative energy and technology industries, we believe the future is in resources and energy. We have affiliated offices in free-trade zones, and we deal mostly with yearly contracts for buyers and sellers, which include the following:

  • Refineries
  • Traders
  • Investors
  • Artisanal Miners
  • Mining Companies
  • Consolidators Representing Groups of Miners

Our Commitment to Responsibility & Principles

Our company executives believe in evolving by conducting business in a sustainable way. We also pride ourselves on developing long-term relationships and respecting the environment, as well as local and international laws.

Customers can trust the purity of our product due to our dual certifications in composition and cleanliness. We guarantee that Latin America is the source of our alloys because we believe in purchasing from a region that mines in adherence to all laws and human rights.

Contact us today in Miami, Florida, and find the services you need from a rare earth and precious metal dealer.